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Let´s get your marketing system to work for you


I partner with committed leaders and service businesses

 who lead with empathy and have a strong sense of connection to their clients.  

To create a marketing strategy beyond referrals and

to grow your brand and amplify your profits without wasting money

on marketing agencys & ads.

 Are you a Coach, Consultant or a Financial Planner?

Are you ready to unlock your business's potential with a tailor-made marketing solutions for you that you can implement in your everyday routine?

What’s your biggest issue right now?

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"I need a consisten flow of leads where I´m in control of building my business"


"I'm tired of relying on sporadic leads 
— I need a reliable and steady flow of prospects of my ideal clients so I can take charge of building my business"

"While I appreciate the referrals, I want to developing alternative strategies"


"My Social Media efforts are not working, and it´s challenging, I want to reduce my dependence on referrals as the primary source"

"We currently lack a reliable and long-term marketing strategy."


"We´re in need of more qualified prospects to grow my business, but my current marketing skills and strategies are failing me, despite investing in marketing in the past"


Hi, I´m Maria Bjork a Marketing Strategist 




My name is Maria Bjork and my marketing system focuses on supporting service based businesses in their growth and success. With, over ten years of experience in marketing and sales specializing in service businesses I have gained insights into what truly works in this ever changing landscape.

There's more to me than being a marketing strategist. I also have a background as a swimmer for the Swedish National Team. As a swim coach, where I developed my skills and helped others achieve their goals and aspirations.

What makes my system unique is my belief that our coaching and leadership approach significantly impacts the results we achieve with our clients.

Together we will establish objectives. Then break down the daily actions required to bring you closer, to your goals ensuring progress every step of the way. We will outline the number of clients you aim for well as the revenue targets you set.

In a world filled with service businesses vying for attention I firmly believe that we should not attempt to sell to everyone. We value integrity. Understand the importance of assisting the right clients. By doing we can avoid burnout. Ensure that we collaborate with clients who truly benefit from our services.

The best thing is that my marketing techniques will attract those clients, for your business and accelerate your growth. 

You know what's even better? You won't have to worry about getting exhausted in the process. 

The satisfying feeling comes from understanding that my approach has an effect supporting my clients growth and prosperity throughout their business journey. It establishes an reliable basis, for their marketing triumph. 

Are you prepared to dive in and witness your business flourish?


Lets get in touch!

Client Voices from Those Who Make Our Work So Meaningful

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Nicole Sandler 
International Financial Planner at Chase Buchanan 

"My experience of working with Maria has been transformational to my business!

She's given me a clear strategy to follow so I know exactly what I need to do every day to reach my goals.

Within a short space of time my activity has accelerated so quickly and all the aspects I wanted to reach have come along a lot quicker than I anticipated.

I generate so many of my own leads that I run out of time each day and I'm now totally self sufficient in generating my own leads.

She provides a tailored plan and a range of tools to use so that you never feel lost with what to do next and where you need to be.

I was skeptical to start since I was in the early stages of re-growing my busi

ness but it was the best decision I made.

Cannot recommend Maria highly enough!"

anthony watson bild.jfif

Anthony Watson, CFA, CFP®, RICP® - Director, Thrive Retirement Specialists- (Michigan) - US

Maria has been absolutely wonderful to work with!! Professional, knowledgeable, organized, and succinct. What I enjoyed most about working with Maria is that her program is designed to be collaborative and customizable. You get to know the why and how. The why and how are important to be able to establish and maintain a marketing program. Other marketing professionals I have worked with tend to want you to go through their predefined black box, which leads to questionable effectiveness and makes maintenance difficult once they are gone. I highly recommend reaching out to Maria if you need help establishing a DIY marketing strategy that is custom to your business!


Alex Ingrim -  US Private Wealth Manager at Chase Buchanan. Helping Americans grow their Wealth in Europe.

"Working with Maria has been highly beneficial for me and my business. Since I have started working with Maria, I have seen real, concrete results in my business and in my personal growth. Maria is genuinely interested in helping the people that she works with and listens to her clients needs and goals. I strongly believe that Maria's services have relevance to all financial planners, whether it is her focus on marketing techniques, time management, or our outreach process. I would strongly recommend Maria to all financial advisors and planners, whether you think you are looking for help marketing or not!"

Trevor Philips.jpg

Trevor Philips 

International Financial Planner

Blacktower (Cayman) Limited

"As professionals, we also appreciate the need for advice and consultation to best position our businesses for growth. Maria has been an integral part of helping me do that with her Business Marketing Master Class program. It’s a bespoke service for professionals like myself who want to engage the right clients to our mutual benefit. Whether it’s leading to engage clients on social media platforms by restructuring your professional profile or accessing the power of sales tools that unlock the real power of LinkedIn; down to using efficient organizational skills, I learnt quite a lot more than I thought I knew (and took for granted), about harnessing the potential of target marketing for my business. I have full access to all information even after completing the course and access to her to follow up with concepts I would want to employ. Respect her time, though, as she is always on time for sessions, well prepared and knowledgeable about her craft. If you want to grow your business and need a professional to guide you to unlock" your marketing strategies, whether it’s getting your business off the ground or accelerating your market presence, I would highly recommend Maria as a great professional to help you.

jon Holand.jpg

Jon Holand - Financial Planner and Wealth Manager


"I really enjoyed Maria's work from start to finish. I was a bit skeptical at the start, but I liked the approach and decided to let Maria help me grow my business. Financial advisors can easily get in a rut of doing the same thing year after year and it's massively helpful to have an outside perspective from someone who isn't in the business, but who understands the business and challenges very well. In our business it's essential to differentiate yourself from the large number of advisors out there and Maria has plenty of insights as to how to do this. For me the most valuable part was a renewed focus on time management and making sure I was spending time on worthwhile activities. Highly recommended."

stuart slater.jpg

Stuart Slater - Business Owner and Director, Slone Capital - UK.

"Maria showed brilliant professionalism and provided strong insight into how we could initiate marketing campaigns for our corporate clients. Her communication has been excellent, and she was always available to provide guidance if we had any burning questions.
For all Financial Advisors trying to streamline their marketing processes, I would highly recommend her!"

Thanks again Maria!

Julian bild.jfif

Julian Galvin - Financial Planner - Hong Kong

Maria Bjork is a skilled and experienced marketer and I have found Maria’s advice to be extremely helpful on how to market, especially in the Social Media space. I was impressed by Maria’s professionalism, sincerity, and responsiveness. Maria always keeps me updated and provides good insights and practical marketing advice that helped me a lot in my practice. I highly recommend Maria Bjork to anyone seeking an experienced social media marketer.

Peter Buckle Pic.jpg

Peter Buckle Chartered Financial Planner and Director at Buckle and Partners - United Kingdom

"We found Maria's knowledge and enthusiasm very helpful in understanding more about how Linkedin can help us attract clients with problems we can solve. Thank you Maria!"

james mitchell.jpg

James Mitchell, MBA, CISI, CHRM-CP

Financial Planning and Professional Development Expert.


"I've contracted Maria on a few marketing projects in the past and we are working together at the moment because I am very happy with her results. Maria has not only brought a wealth of experience doing what she does best and executed plans that have worked super-well for my business, she also had the uncanny ability to lead me to find solutions and make the right marketing decisions by myself. This is a fine art that I really appreciate. She doesn't just come in and try to call the shots, she consults, advises and patiently guides you to the best course of action for you, not her - and the bottom line is it works really well"

sally tily.jpg

Sally Tilly
International Financial Planner
Blacktower Financial Management Limited

"It has been a great pleasure working with Maria as she guided me through every step of the way to grow my online presence and showed me ways of taking advantage of my online presence to get more business and expand my reach. Trusting the process and working with Maria started generating quality leads and a ROI within weeks. Thanks Maria, I couldn't recommend you enough!"

Guy Mee Pic.jpg

Guy Mee - Business Owner Mee&Co -United Kingdom

"Maria was a great professional to work with. We worked together to improve my marketing and he helped me a lot to get started and also to understand internal processes.
Her work ethic is immaculate and so easy to work together with. She goes out of her way when you ask for some help and guidance.
Thanks a lot, Maria!"


Yumna Monier.

Financial Planner


"It is very seldom that you find a person that has a genuine interest in your business and really wants to see you succeed. From day one Maria has hit the ground running and has opened up my business to new strategies and has taken me out of a comfort zone that I didn't even know was there. She is Professional, highly skilled, strategic and determined, and I will definitely continue making use of her services while recommending her to others."


Beverley Torrington

Financial Planner at Hereford Group

South Africa

"Maria and I connected at a time when I was struggling with my business, and of course the pandemic did not help either. Once we started our journey together I realised just what a gem I had found, and how friendly, professional and extremely helpful she is. Without Maria I would not be where I am today, as she has contributed enormously to my business. She brings only the best and professional clients to the table, and then journeys throughout the relationship with you. I found her to be an excellent listener and mentor, and she always has time to chat to you."

hawa monier.jpg

Hawa Monier - Founder of HHM Training


"Maria represents everything professional and timeous. I required assistance with linking my business to relevant members of linkedin. Maria was able to connect me with exactly the kind of network required to expand my business. She is highly efficient and manages her time and clients very well. She follows up with clients regularly, kept me on board with the nature of linkedin and goes the extra mile in ensuring that any individual or company is noticed and professional. I would recommend her highly."


Loredana Bacterová DipPFS

The Sovereign Group Gibraltar

"Maria helped me grow my business.I was very happy with her services. She is very professional and helped me to develop great connections. I would strongly recommend anyone to work with her."

Edvin Ambrus.jpg

Edvin Ambrus- Naprapath and Business Owner.


"Maria Bjork represents everything professional and timeous. I required assistance with linking my business to relevant members of linkedin. Maria was able to connect me with exactly the kind of network required to expand my business. She is highly efficient and manages her time and clients very well. She follows up with clients regularly, kept me on board with the nature of linkedin and goes the extra mile in ensuring that any individual or company is noticed and professional. I would recommend her highly."

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