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The Benefits of Working Together: Uncover the Value I Bring to Your Journey.

Get a consistent flow of quality leads from your future best client and unlock your business's growth potential.

We explore your business goals and vision, crafting a targeted marketing strategy that appeals to your ideal clients and attract a consistent flow of  targeted leads.

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Scale your business and drive higher profits through a proven strategic marketing system built to deliver long-term results.

Together, we'll unlock an easy-to follow marketing system for you to ensures long-term success, with results visible within 5-7 weeks during the program.

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Develop a strong personal brand that resonates with your ideal clients, fueling business growth organically without burning money on agencies & adds.

Develop a strong personal brand that resonates with your ideal clients, fueling business growth organically without burning money on agencies & adds.

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Ideal Client Attraction Maria Bjork Marketing Blueprint™

Your coaching journey focuses on actionable strategies and measurable outcomes.

Tailored to your unique needs, each session focuses on your skills and goals. Together, we produce results, reverse engineer daily steps for business growth.

We produce real and attainable results, while making sure the daily steps for business growth are implementable within your busy schedule."

*With our 50/50 partnership, we achieve great things together. When we work collaboratively, your commitment to implementing the plan is the driving force behind our shared success.


Become a thought leader for your ideal clients by focusing on your specific target market and personal brand. In today's world, people crave personal connection, and they want to work with individuals rather than corporations. Personal branding is the way to reach your ideal clients and create meaningful connections that truly resonate with them.


Understanding and knowing your sales process is essential for making continuous improvements and effectively converting leads. Having a streamlined system in place is crucial, this ensures consistency and empowers you and your colleagues to refine the process over time. This knowledge is the key to enhancing your lead conversion efforts and achieving better results.


With a well-structured and systemized outreach approach that keeps going, you can easily discover and connect with your ideal clients and partners. Build your future best clients base and forge valuable partnerships through this time-efficient system.


Reach your ideal clients with valuable content, nurturing trust and paving the way for prospect calls. Craft a content strategy and system that seamlessly fits into your busy schedule, making implementation easy and efficient.


Create videos that effectively attract and convert your ideal clients on your website and social media, using a simple and easy-to-implement system that seamlessly integrates into your daily workflow without feeling overwhelming.


Have a website where people will engage and sign up for your leadmagnet or book calls. Transform your website into a dynamic and constantly evolving resource, rather than just a static business card.


By implementing efficient business systems and outsourcing strategies, you can overcome the challenge faced by small business owners of finding time and space to focus on growth rather than being constantly caught up in day-to-day operations. This allows you to prioritize activities that drive the growth and success of your business.


Learn how to use AI tools that save time and make your business more efficient, so you can get more done with ease.

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Ideal Client Attraction Maria Bjork Marketing Blueprint™

My mission is straightforward; we'll work together to create a marketing message establish a foundation and develop a customized strategy that suits your needs.

Over the course of 12 sessions, each lasting 1.5 hours you will;

1. Craft a Brand; Build a brand that resonates with your clients enabling your business to grow without relying on agencies or advertisements.

2. Plan for Success; Learn techniques such as brand positioning making sales effortless and effectively engaging with your audience on platforms like LinkedIn and social media.

3. Master Content Creation; Perfect your content plan excel in video content creation. Optimize your website strategy.

4. Network Like an Expert; Establish connections infuse your brand into your business operations and refine processes even if you're considering outsourcing.

5. Boost Efficiency; Save time by utilizing AI tools and tuning existing systems.

Throughout this journey you'll gain the skills needed to confidently present yourself in the market using language that sets you apart from the competition. Don't worry if you're new, to this; I'll provide support every step of the way."I can also provide some tips, on automating your outreach efforts on platforms like LinkedIn. These strategies will help you develop content that truly excites your audience.

You'll gain access to tools and a straightforward system that will allow you to expand your network and attract your ideal clients. Witness how your brand seamlessly integrates into your content forging a connection with your audience.

Anticipate seeing results within 5 to 7 weeks. When the program concludes you'll have a crafted marketing strategy in place that sets the foundation for long term success. No quick. Temporary solutions.

By partnering with me you'll be empowered to establish income goals and have a roadmap for achieving them. I understand that every business owner is unique so my role is to delve into who you're identify your objectives and work from there. This is how we cultivate success and implement an organic strategy for your business.

My commitment is to support service based business owners— of their marketing expertise—and assist them in growing their businesses through understandable marketing strategies.

Together we are poised to accomplish things. Your dedication in putting our plan into action will be the driving force, behind our triumph.
"Lets begin this thrilling adventure together!"

*With our 50/50 partnership, we achieve great things together. When we work collaboratively, your commitment to implementing the plan is the driving force behind our shared success.

The Mastermind Promise


During our time our focus will be, on developing your marketing messaging establishing a strong foundation and crafting a solid strategy.

This program will run for a period of 3 months consisting of 12 sessions in total. Each session will be 1.5 hours long. Take place once a week.

By the end of this program you can expect to achieve the following;

 Develop a brand that truly resonates with your ideal clients fueling organic business growth without the need to invest heavily in agencies or advertisements.


Positioning and establishing your brand voice techniques

Creating a seamless sales process

Growing targeted audience pools on platforms like LinkedIn and other social media channels

Crafting an effective content strategy

Leveraging video content effectively

Developing an impactful website strategy

Building referral networks for your business

Incorporating your personal brand into all aspects of your venture

Implementing efficient business systems and considering outsourcing options 

Maximizing time efficiency with AI tools 

Reviewing existing systems for improvements

Throughout this program you will learn how to position yourself in the market using clear and specific language that highlights what sets you apart from others in your industry.

Additionally we will explore techniques to effectively sell your offerings while aligning them with your marketing message and delivering on the promises you make.

Rest assured I'll guide you through these techniques without requiring any expertise. We'll also explore automation strategies to help grow targeted audiences on platforms, like LinkedIn and others. 
You'll gain the skills to create content that directly addresses the challenges and desires of your target audience motivating them to take action and connect with you.

I will teach you how to use tools and a simple system to build connections, with people you want to meet expanding your network of referrals and potential clients.

You'll also learn how to incorporate your brand into your content marketing efforts fostering a sense of community and connection with your audience.

Throughout the program you can expect to see results within 5 to 7 weeks.

By the end of it you'll have an marketing strategy in place that will serve as the foundation for long term success, in your business. This strategy will ensure that any additional tactics you implement are more effective since they will be part of a coordinated and coherent plan.


No more quick fix marketing or temporary band aids.

With my guidance you'll be able to set income targets and have an understanding of which activities to focus on in order to achieve them. You'll reverse engineer your desired outcomes.

I am committed, to supporting service business owners, those who may not possess marketing expertise in expanding their businesses through a clear and straightforward marketing strategy.

*With our 50/50 partnership, we achieve great things together. When we work collaboratively, your commitment to implementing the plan is the driving force behind our shared success.

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